2015 Product Launches

Some new website launches and relaunches in 2015

http://www.fundingsolutions.co.uk/ Collaboration with The Marketing Eye to relaunch a WordPress financials website.

http://www.colesva.co.uk   Website promoting the services of Maribel Coles - a virtual personal assistant based in Brighton.

http://www.credit4.co.uk   Collaboration with The Marketing Eye to relaunch a WordPress financials website.

http://www.skillsearch.com   Collaboration with Neujuice to relaunch a digital vacancies website.

http://www.normandymule.co.uk/ A new website for Rob Silverstone to promote his latest book.

http://www.themarketingeye.com   Collaboration with Neujuice to relaunch and rebrand a successful marketing company.

http://www.trainthetrainer.uk.com   A new website the Training Foundation.

http://www.innovationcapitalteam.com   A new website for a team of business strategists.

http://www.sussexmagazines.net   A new website for the Sussex Magazines publishing house

http://www.rocc.com   Collaboration with The Marketing Eye to relaunch the website of a successful IT company.

http://www.rostrum.agency   Collaboration with Neujuice to relaunch a PR agency website.

http://www.hfbookkeeping.co.uk   New website for Helen Fisher, an independent bookkeeper based in Brighton and Hove.

https://www.fundinvoice.co.uk/ New website for a Sussex Invoice Finance company.

http://www.wealdens.co.uk   Collaboration with The Marketing Eye to relaunch the website of a company that provides support services for Registered Social Landlords and Local Authorities

Posted: 1st of December 2015

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  • Peripatus are flexible, personable, creative and very, very good value for money: a rare combination in a web development company.  We have used Peripatus to develop a number of websites for us including www.supportsolutions.co.ukwww.quirkyrides.com & www.englishidentity.co.uk. - Michael Patterson Support Solutions http://www.supportsolutions.co.uk
  • I am very impressed with Peripatus.  They marry deep technical knowledge with a very personable style to provide a reliable and value for money service to The Marketing Eye. Peripatus have helped us to deliver a number of successful websites for clients, as well as building The Marketing Eye's own site.  I look forward to continuing our successful partnership. - Neil Edwards The Marketing Eye http://www.themarketingeye.com
  • Within a month of my first meeting with Peripatus I had my first business lead! - Helen Fisher HF Bookkeeping http://www.hfbookkeeping.co.uk  
  • I have had the pleasure of using the services of Peripatus Ltd for 6 years during which time they have worked on the design and modification of several different websites for me. They have always greatly exceeded my expectations in every respect and their service has been nothing short of superb. Their attention to detail and ability to translate technical web related jargon into layman's terms has been second to none. I have always been delighted with the quality of the design and build of every site that they have delivered or worked on. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone. - Glenn Blackman FundInvoice http://www.fundinvoice.co.uk http://www.glennblackman.co.uk
  • Prior to building my website I had in mind how I wanted it to look.  Peripatus delivered exactly what I had envisaged but then pushed this beyond my expectations.  Now my website gets a lot of compliments from everyone.  Peripatus are definitely experts in their field and I would not hesitate to recommend their services. - Maribel Coles