1. Please give the name of a website that you have worked on and its URL.

    – we want an answer including an address like h t t p s : / / w w w . w e b s i t e n a m e . c o m

  2. When you managed your website did you work on the pages, posts or both?

    – we definitely need both!

  3. What is the difference between a “page” and a “post” in WordPress?

    – there are lots of differences, just knowing that they are different and providing a convincing difference is probably enough.

  4. Do you use a page builder and if so can you name it?

    – we need an answer like:   “WP Bakery Page Builder”, “Elementor”, “Visual Composer”, “Divi” or (best answer) “Gutenberg”.

    – it’s not the end of the World is they haven’t used a page builder but really good if they have and can name it.

  5. Do you have any experience editing graphics to use on a website and if so what did you use to do this?

    – “PhotosShop”, “Photoshop Elements”, “the editor built into WordPress” and are all good answers.  “Paint” or “Microsoft Word” are not.  There are loads of image editors out there that might be good answers.

  6. If you have a load of website posts showing on your website with the newest first but you want an older post to show first how would you go about that?

    – change the date (and time for a bonus mark!) of the post in question so that is now the newest.

  7. If you are pasting text content from an email, Word, Powerpoint or a PDF into WordPress what should you avoid and how should you do it?

    – you want to avoid copying the formatting over too – this will mess up how it looks on the site by adding additional unwanted formatting.  A good way to do this on a PC is to paste into and copy out of NotePad.  There’s a similar process for a Mac.
  8. What is SEO?

    – Search Engine Optimisation

    – Which is?:

        —  making sure that content on a website is optimised for search engines by using targeted keywords

        —  improving Google ranking