Bliss Hair Relaunch

New website launched for BLISS Hair: BLISS is a unique unisex hair spa based in Uckfield, East Sussex.  Their original Flash-based website was completely replaced with a responsive, content managed modern HTML5 design.

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Andrew Lloyd Associates Website Launch

New website launched for Andrew Lloyd Associates: The original French development team had worked for 9 months to produce a new website but it had not reached the acceptance stage. Within the space of one month >>>

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Social Tennis WordPress Multisite Relaunch

New WordPress Multisite site for launched. A completely new WordPress site was built to replace a successful site that had been running for more than a decade.  The new site enables the site owners to sell on >>>

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Howat Avraam Launch

New website launched for Howat Avraam solicitors: Peripatus stepped in when the original developers were unable to overcome limitations of the WordPress theme used for the site.

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The British Institute for Learning & Development

Website rebuild launched for The British Institute for Learning & Development: The website front-end is virtually identical to the original but responsive and rebuilt upon a modern CMS extracted from an old Joomla instance.

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BSPS Ltd Website Launch

New website for BSPS a professional Main Contractor launched: The new website created in collaboration with Knibbs required customisation of the popular Avada WordPress theme.

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ICLA Website Launch

New International Commercial Law Alliance website launched here:

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Village Directories Launch

Village Directories website launched:

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2015 Product Launches

Some new website launches and relaunches in 2015 Collaboration with The Marketing Eye to relaunch a WordPress financials website. Website promoting the services of Maribel Coles – a virtual personal assistant based in Brighton. Collaboration >>>

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Training Accreditation Programme Relaunch

Peripatus have today relaunched the Training Accreditation Programme website: The original 2003 website was rebuilt from the ground up and given many new features and a completely new content management system while retaining its former content. The >>>

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